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A family of four sit on the ground with the two little boy's in mom and dad's lap, dad is giving son a kiss on the cheek


Nice to meet you.

I'm Kristyn, and Sundays is where I've been hanging out with my camera since 2017.

As a mother of two boys, who have truly stolen my heart, I've come to realize that it is the small moments which leave the biggest stretch marks on our hearts. It's in those seemingly everyday moments that the true beauty lies.


In a world where social media often showcases only our best moments, I'm passionate about using photography to bring us back down to earth. I want families to witness time as it slips by, recognizing that every smile, every freckle, every eye roll, cowlick and even every finger-printed wall are what make us real, and real people are beautiful.


My approach is simple: I'm all about capturing life authentically and forming real connections. I capture unfiltered beauty, blending minimalism with quiet moments to create images that feel genuine.


Most importantly, the same care and creativity I put into photographing my own family drive my work here. It's what started this journey, after all.

A family of four stare out the window, one son is sitting on dad's shoulders, the other is embraced by his mother.
A mother and her two sons stand on a beautiful beach in Maui at sunset

On the personal side, I'm a lifelong Calgary girl who once dreamt of moving to the West Coast in my 20s. But since having my two boys, Parker (6) and Remi (4), I've fallen head over heels for this city. Big shout-out to my husband, Mike, who co-founded our photography company with me. He has taught me, endlessly, that all growth comes from learning from mistakes. If you're lucky, you might even catch him as my second shooter!

Two boys play on a beach in Maui at sunset



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